IAGD Community Meeting — Saturday, March 2 @ 5:15 PM

ASAK. IAGD sent out the following e-news announcement this week:

5:15 pm
IAGD Social Hall
(immediately after ‘asr prayer)

 Discuss Expansion Ideas & IAGD’s Future

Prior to the regular monthly dinner, there will be a community meeting to discuss and gather input from everyone regarding IAGD’s expansion and future plans.

An architect who has not been involved with the expansion to date will be on hand to help us grasp the feel and excitement of an expansion beyond drawings and blueprints. After a brief presentation, there will be a question and answer period for everyone to ask, learn and provide their ideas to help IAGD blossom into our dream community.

Everyone is encouraged to participate, share their excitement or express any concerns about IAGD’s future and how that is reflected by the structure we create.

Inshallah, everyone who attends IAGD will take this unique opportunity and contribute ideas that will help our community grow and flourish in the future.

Dinner will be served at 7:30 pm.
Babysitting will be provided for children.

This is an exciting opportunity for the community to discuss the expansion plan and give its input regarding how the expansion should proceed.


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