IAGD Election Results

by Ann O’Brien Ahmad

ASAK. At the IAGD monthly dinner on December 1, the results of the Board of Directors’ election were announced. The three new Board members are:

Fasahat Hamzavi
Wajahat Khan
Asim Shuttari

Approximately 75% of IAGD members voted in the election, significantly higher than the 55–60% who normally vote. The three candidates received 60–65% of the total votes, receiving a strong mandate from the community to implement their platform as detailed on the Rekindling IAGD website. Interestingly, after delivering a petition signed by 400 community members to the Board in September, Fasahat received 396 votes in the election.

By electing all three of the Rekindling IAGD candidates, the community showed strong support for their platform and for a new vision for IAGD. Since I strongly endorsed these three candidates, I want to sincerely thank the community for voting for them and giving them a chance to implement their platform.  They will have a busy term, since they have indicated that they will concentrate on:

The expansion project
The schools and education programs
Community involvement

It is an exciting time for the community, but it is also a huge responsibility. The new Board members will need the help of the entire community, whether it is by offering suggestions or by volunteering.

We should get started as soon as possible. The General Body Meeting will be held on Saturday, December 8, at 1:00 PM in IAGD’s social hall. We should attend the meeting to hear how the organization was run in 2012. Hopefully, we will also have an opportunity to offer suggestions for next year. That way, the three new Board members will have some time to think about all of these suggestions before they start implementing their platform on January 1.

Please take time to attend the General Body Meeting.


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