Summary of Community Meeting

ASAK. The meeting for the community called by Br. Fasahat Hamzavi was very well attended. Approximately 150 brothers and 50 sisters gathered in the Social Hall after Zuhur prayer. Br. Fasahat explained that this was a private meeting that was not officially supported by IAGD.

The purpose of the meeting was to provide details about three IAGD plans and two additional plans that Br. Fasahat Hamzavi, Br. Sharif Gindy, and Br. Jukaku Tayeb had drawn. These two plans, titled Option 1 and 2 (they are shown below on this blog), can be constructed for $5 million or less in two years. Br. Fasahat then went through the main features of the five different plans. A copy of the Comparison of the Expansion Plan that was passed out at the meeting is shown below along with a PDF of that form.


Br. Fasahat also answered specific questions from the community. When asked how to respond to the one-question survey from the IAGD Administration, he explained that if someone liked Plan E or I, they could select that on the survey. If they liked Plan H, they could cross out Plan E and I and write in the comments section that they wanted Plan H. If they liked Option 1 or 2, they could cross out Plan E and I, write which option they liked, and also enclose a copy of that plan in the envelope. (The Plans are below if you would like to print out a copy and include it in your survey envelope.)

A petition was circulated with the following wording:

“We, as members of IAGD, request IAGD Administration to approve an expansion plan that costs no more than $5.0 million and takes no more than 2 years to complete.”

For those who were not able to attend this meeting, members of the community will have petitions available for signing.

Ann O’Brien Ahmad

5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Shahida Khan on August 6, 2012 at 4:02 pm

    Dr. Fasahat Hamzavi’s presentation about the various expansion plans today was superb. This is the first time I saw all the plans being explained so well. He also did a great job of answering the many question raised by the members present. He truly was very professional and respectful of everybody. My hope now is that the IAGD Board will reach out to all those that have genuine concerns and have a sincere and open discussion to resolve all issues. I feel that if there is transparency in this process and people are included and not sidelined, any and all problems can be very amicably resolved. If there are heartfelt discussions, these issues can be resolved in no time.

    Nothing is worth the risk of creating a rift in the community. The IAGD community has been the most caring community around. This is my personal experience. I pray to God that nothing will cause this community to fragment.

    Once again, I hope that the board will reach out to all its members, especially the ones that they have disagreements with, and try to reach a concensus. I hope that everyone will avail this opportunity to try their best to unite the community.

    Whatever the final decision, whichever plan is adopted, and whatever the price tag may be, let us all try to overcome our differences. Let us rise above our egos. IAGD has been fortunate to have great leadership and visionaries in the past. Let us all work towards continuing that tradition. If people are a part of major decisions, making that goal is very attainable.

    During this entire process, let us all please refrain from any and all name calling and unbecoming labels.

    Thank You
    Shahida Khan


  2. Posted by BC on August 7, 2012 at 7:30 pm

    I agree with Sr Shahida’s comments above. I went to the meeting with an open-mind, and was educated, to my satisfaction, about the project.

    However, I did get the feeling that many of the community members present had a “take no prisoners” attitude – they will not be happy unless the board agrees to all their demands.

    Compromise will be essential to this process, and everyone knows that a good compromise leaves ALL parties upset.


  3. Posted by Anonymous on August 7, 2012 at 10:42 pm

    The question of compromise lies where there is a place left for discussion.Over here the president is saying ,even in today’s letter that he is ready to answer any question but when you send an email you don’t get a reply ,when you try to ask the question in public meeting he doesn’t let you speak or snubs you whereas he is mentioning ADAB(manners) time and again in his speeches and letters.

    People are asking to address the problems of excessive use of money ,curtail the maintainance cost by reducing the size ,the religious dimension ,immediate need of class rooms for all three schools(because the plan presented by the BOT& BOD shows that we can not have the class rooms for at least 7-8 years because it will be the last phase of construction)….etc.

    The answer from our BOD & BOT is that it is just a monetary issue.They are saying that they changed the plan from A to I but if you take a close look non of the changes address the the raised issues.They just move an office from one corner to other or an staircase to other but the parameters are the same .The time frame and grandeur has not been compromised .As mentioned in the Sunday meeting that the mentainance cost of the current structure is $85000/- ,just imagine that how much would that be for a three times larger structure.
    If you don’t care about the community don’t ask for the money from them, sell your own mansions and build what you want .Nobody is going to ask you why are you doing it.


  4. Posted by Anonymous on August 8, 2012 at 12:13 am

    Let me call myself a rank outsider who has decided to stay out of the ongoing fracas. I decided to write this as I found Sr. Shahida Khan’s posting very honest, appealing and positive. Maybe the Board ought to leverage her services to initiate a conversation and arbitrate with the group that disagrees with the mainstream plans. The group that opposes the Board’s plan should also understand that you cant have it all; you need to give some & take some. I read the President / VP’s letter of today, They made a good case by arguing about plans in a rather lucid way – square footage versus cost. However they lost their high ground when they tried to make it personal and point a finger at Br. Mansoor( He is no friend of mine ). The reason I say this is because in my interactions with the BOD members, barring a few, I have found them to be uncouth and uncivil in dealing with the congregants. A few of them dont even understand the value of a smile or a greeting-son let’s refrain from talking about ethics and civility. as the old adage goes, people living in glass houses dont throw stones at others !!!!! The BOD’s have failed miserably in explaining anything about their plans for the growth of full-time islamic school which is the need of the hour. They are playing the same broken record year after year. My request to the President / VP please address this issue and then you will see how the community will throng to you. Stop talking about Walls and Concrete. Start talking about building bridges and helping the next generation. BTW, the word “process” has been overused by BOT’s/BOD’s. Process is a word used by inefficient bureaucrats to shirk responsibility in corrupt third world countries. You use process to manufacture inanimate things , you dont tout it when dealing with human emotions. You dont heal hurt feelings through process. You do so by reaching out to people by sitting across a table. As I said, I have minimal stake in this. This is candid, unadulterated advise to help mend the situation and to not let it spin out of control. Without community , this project will be a quagmire. So long my brothers !!!


  5. Posted by Mohammed on August 8, 2012 at 8:26 pm

    ASAK Ya’ All….I had one comment on the Letter sent by President / VP. The Expansion Commiteee had four insiders ( Pres/VP//Sec BOT/Chair BOT) and three outsiders. At this time it is well-known that the mainstream plan is supported by the four insiders and opposed by the three outsiders. Go figure ????????. This is an age old strategy. All committees are composed in a way such that the establishment can overrule the outsiders who generally tend to have a more objective approach. Expansion committee was required to evaluate engineering drawings, architect’s renderings and construction layouts etc. In the IAGD community , 40% of the congregation is comprised of experienced engineering professionals. Not one of them was deemed qualified enough to be considered for the Expansion Committee ????? Maybe these guys would think independently and offer opinions outside the comfort zone !!!!!!! Just for the record the expansion committee had 4 doctors, 1 attorney and two others.


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