Plan I—Analysis

ASAK. Plan I is a one-story version of Plan E, putting the entire prayer hall, for both brothers and sisters, on the first floor.  There will be some form of separation between the men and women, although what that will entail has not been determined. The square footage of the prayer hall is 13,000 square feet, which will easily accommodate 1300 people.

This plan also includes a basement, although the floor plan was not included in the “survey” mailing.

The difference in square footage between the first and second floors of Plan E and the first floor of Plan I is 11,295 square feet. The reduction in the square footage of Plan I occurred due to the following changes:

It is important to note that while Plan I does not include a library, there is ample space within the gathering/meeting spaces to put a library in this plan.

Please see the blog post, Comparison of Plans E and I, for more detailed information about square footage, costs, etc.

Ann O’Brien Ahmad


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