Plan E—Analysis

ASAK. At the February 2012 sisters’ meeting and the March 2012 community meeting, the community basically rejected the expansion plan presented by IAGD Administration for the following reasons:

  • The cost of the plan exceeds the amount the community can afford.
  • The new prayer area is far too large for the community’s needs.
  • The new lobby and gathering areas are far too large for the community’s needs.
  • The sisters do not want to pray on the second floor.
  • The community does not want the current prayer hall turned into a social hall.
  • The most pressing need at this time is for additional classrooms and other services for the youth. No new classrooms would be available until the new structure is built, which could take many years.
  • Maintenance costs on such a large structure would be too high for the community.

So what has changed on Plan E since the community meeting in March 2012? Based on a detailed review of the plan presented in March 2012 and Plan E, I found the following changes:


  • Total square footage INCREASED by 192 square feet.
  •  Men’s prayer hall INCREASED by 126 square feet to 8648 square feet.
  • The lobby INCREASED by 905 square feet and the gathering areas INCREASED by 194 square feet.
  • The administrative offices were rearranged and the square footage was changed slightly.
  • The men’s wadu/restroom/shoe area was DECREASED by 131 square feet.


  • Per the floor plan, total square footage DECREASED by 1835 square feet. However, I can’t reconcile that number to the changes in the plan, which seem to indicate that the square footage has increased.
  • Square footage of women’s prayer area was unchanged at 5670 square feet.
  • Open area DECREASED by 453 square feet.
  • Open area/reading area DECREASED by 280 square feet.
  • Offices were rearranged somewhat, with a 718 square foot gathering area added. Total office area INCREASED by 526 square feet.


  • Total square footage DECREASED by 932 square feet.

So, basically, nothing changed in Plan E that addressed any of the concerns of the community. Per the floor plans, the total square footage for all three floors decreased by 2575 square foot. Even though I can’t verify those numbers, I will give them the benefit of the doubt. Using the President’s figure of $140 per square foot for floors one and two and $55 per square foot for the basement, that means the total cost was reduced by $281,000.

Please see the blog post, Comparison of Plans E and I, for more detailed information about square footage, costs, etc.

Ann O’Brien Ahmad

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