Comparisons of Plans E and I

ASAK. In order to make it easier for the community to analyze Plans E and I, I have summarized the two plans:


Please note that these cost estimates are based on figures provided to me by the President of the Board of Directors, Hussain Akbar, at the sisters’ meeting on February 11, 2012. I do not know if the estimates he provided to me are accurate. To the best of my knowledge, the Board of Directors has not obtained cost estimates from reputable construction companies for either Plan E or Plan I. As a CPA, MBA, and business owner, I find it fiscally irresponsible for the Board to start this project without detailed cost estimates from reputable construction companies. I also do not understand the point of the $6.9 million cap on the total cost of the plan, when we don’t even know what the cost is. But since the President’s estimates are the only figures I have, I am using them to make some attempt at showing the cost of the two plans:

While the cost of Plan I is $1,174,000 less than the cost of Plan E, both plans cost significantly more than the total project cap of $6.9 million. The other advantages of Plan I are that the entire prayer hall is located on one floor and the lobby/gathering areas have been reduced by 6,000 square feet, which addresses two of the community’s concerns.

However, neither plan addresses these concerns of the community:

  • The existing prayer hall is still being converted to a social hall.
  • The new prayer hall is still very large, sufficient for 1300 to 1418 people.
  • The lobby/gathering areas are still very large.
  • The additional classrooms will not be available until the new structure is built, which could take many years.
  • Not only is the cost of both plans substantial, but neither appears to be close to the Board of Directors’ cap of $6.9 million for the total project.
  • Funding is still a major concern. We currently have $2.8 million on hand and have collected an average of $300,000 per year for the last 10 years. The Administration has a goal of collecting $500,000 this Ramadan. Even if they are able to accomplish that this year and in future years, it will take 11.2 years to collect the money needed for Plan I and 13.5 years for Plan E.

The IAGD Administration is basically asking the community to vote for Plan E or Plan I. It feels like we are being asked whether we prefer to have our left foot cut off or our right foot cut off, since neither plan adequately addresses the concerns of the community. Personally, I prefer to have neither foot cut off and do not understand why a plan is not being presented to the community that addresses their needs and can be constructed and finished in a couple of years. Then, we can move on to other community needs. After I formulate my response to the “survey,” in which I plan to tell the Administration that neither plan is acceptable, I will post it on this blog.

Ann O’Brien Ahmad


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  1. Posted by jukaku tayeb on August 1, 2012 at 4:12 pm

    Agree – It is a typical cart before the horse scenario. What we need is first a vision for our community, coming out of discussion in a retreat with the community. Then a data based assessment that suports the vision. Apply fiscal discipline (more so in these times of hardship)- this then will give us a workable plan that our community will gladly agree to. Seems all this can be accomplished and still get a nice , elegant masjid with the needed functionality of expanded space for an occasional Juma or eids , a school and some beautification of the old masjid for a lot less.
    Respect of the community’s feelings, transparency, and discipline in the decision making process are badly needed.


  2. Posted by Yusuf 2 on August 1, 2012 at 5:07 pm

    Non of the plans are acceptable.They are hurting the religious feelings by changing the prayer hall into a social hall .They might play a show by putting their paid IMAAMS on the podium and ask them to support the plan but then it would be the real test of their integrity to the “BELIEF” .Wether they choose the truth or the pay check.


  3. Posted by anonymous on August 1, 2012 at 6:43 pm

    You are not supposed to change the prayer halls but only add on if you must. Most people are not happy with either plans. The fact that the womens’ prayer hall is going to be a different building is bad. It will be difficult for the women to get there especially seniors. They should first and far most research the islamic law.


  4. Posted by Anonymous on August 2, 2012 at 9:16 am

    I have been an IAGD member for the past 17 years. I decided to add my 2 cents to this discussion. I’m amazed to see the BOD/BOT’S complete lack of vision and a total disconnect with the community. They have no understanding whatsoever of the priorities. They are going after grnadiose structures and have no motivation in establishing an islamic school. It is the values that you inculcate in these schools that will sustain generations to come. The IAGD islamic school is a farce and is essentially a glorified day care center that has failed miserably to take off in the alst 10 years. Parents pull their children after first grade and transport them to Huda School or move alltogether to different cities to live in close proximity to an established islamic school. It is not because the teachers are incapable or the parents are not involved or the children are not gifted, it is because the leadership at this mosque is utterly incapable of creating a sustainable and growing business model. This stems from BOD/BOT”s misplaced attention to matters that concern community. How can you not see the writing on the Wall ? Community is not asking for a more spacious mosque. They need you to invest/support/subidise an islamic school so that it takes off atleast in the second decade of its operation. The BOT’s by virtue of their previous uniltateral actions have driven a substantial portion of the community to other islamic centers. Wake up before it is too late !!!! Most people that I know ( I know quite a few ) have decided to contribute to other islamic instituitions and not IAGD because of the sheer arrogance of its BOD/BOT. I understand it is Ramadan but I had to write this to wake up our brothers from the deep slumber that they are in !!!!!


  5. Posted by Anonymous on August 2, 2012 at 3:48 pm

    It is so sad that here @ IAGD we are facing the same dilemma that the rest of the muslim world is-under the dictatorship of corrupt leaders.

    The leaders and the OWNERS of IAGD have stuck to their Grand, “Dream” project , now no matter what the community will say they will force it on us.
    I don’t know why we are fund raising for such a project in which nobody knows  (esp
    .. The president & BODs) the ballpoint cost of the full project, 7 million, 8 or 9 or 10 or even 12…!!! 
    it’s just FEW million for them and just a reminder to public that the 2.8 million that we have in hand has been collected over the last 10 years.  So acc to one fund raising committee member it’s JUST 4 million to go, but even after calculating their enthusiastic, vigorous and “active-multiple-times-a-year” fundraising, it will only generate a little more than half a million in 5 years.  Looks like they don’t even know what million means!!! 
    Can somebody please ask them why we cant just have a low budget expansion, keeping the school as priority with what ever money we have in hand, or even a little more than that. 
    But No! because then how they will engrave their names on the walls, plaques and blocks!! how will people remember their NAMES forever?
    The scariest thing that they are going to do is changing the existing prayer hall to a social hall without any reason. For that inshallah they will face the wrath of Allah swt in this world & in the Hereafter. 
    These OWNERS and LEADERS of IAGD should remember that as leaders they are accountable in front of Allah swt as the community has made them AMEEN for their money.


  6. Posted by Aman Khan on August 2, 2012 at 4:42 pm

    I am baffled with the cost figures for both the proposed plans. But then BOD/BOT decided to put a cap on maximum spending of 6.9M. Not sure how they would achieve that. I will wait to see what they show this Saturday. Plan H to me makes more sense. Hopefully sanity will prevail in this month of Ramadan and we can all come to an amicable solution acceptable to the entire community.


  7. Posted by Anonymous on August 3, 2012 at 12:54 am

    IAGD should rechristen itself as IAGD Inc., owned and mis-managed by a bunch of well-meaning but stubborn physicians /BOT’s. Dissent is discouraged and scoffed at. Membership is systematically tampered with, backroom deals are made and BOD elections are fixed. BOD’s that are related to BOT’s are anointed and unfair control is exercised over day to day operations. Most people who are sincerely interested in working for the mosque stay away from membership and the politics around it. The community has noticed the devious politics and nepotism and have adopted an indifferent attitude towards the Board. Congregants pray at IAGD and contribute elsewhere, not because they dont love IAGD , they dont trust the Board to make wise decisions. I bet you as most of the community is questioning the lack of an islamic school, there will be a speaker on Friday ahead of the upcoming Saturday fundraiser who would be asked to delve on how well the islamic school is operating blah blah blah. C’mon guys, the expansion plan is not going anywhere as majority of the community is opposed to it. Imam Aly Lela is well respected and well liked by the community. He should stay away from endorsing the board’s plan as they will tout it to disadvantage the community further.


  8. Posted by SH on August 3, 2012 at 6:08 pm

    Plz wake up and c the writing on the wall. Listen to ur community. Plan H makes sense. May Allah guide us all!!


  9. Posted by Follow Sunnah on August 4, 2012 at 1:23 am

    IAGD need to have clear Vision. The concept of “Masjid” should stay as “Masjid”. It’s a place for pure Ibadah. Not for socializations not for jim walk, not for food distribution not for dinner parties, or day care baby sitting. These are all “add on” things and the list will never end, so better to focus on expanding the masjid and not all these “add ons”. We live in the west, that’s not an excuse to have all these things added on the shoulder of the Masjid.

    A separate hall can rented to accommodate all these activities, spending 6 or 7 million on establishing these luxuries is total waste of money. Please justify how are you spreading Islam by having these things in the Masjid??? In the same amount of money there could be 5 more Sub Masajids built/rented in the 5 or 10 mile radius. Most of the people don’t come to the masjid in regular days through out the years, why? Because its too far for them. Please spend the money wisely. You have 500 or 700 members. Do mapping of where everyone lives and build/rent masjids close to their homes so everyone has the opportunity to pray in Jama’a. Focus on spreading the Islam. There has to be more religious panel in the BOD/BOT. MDs make diagnostic decisions based on certain rules they learn in the medical profession. So let the Religious leaders stand and make the Masjid decision based on the spirit of Sharya. No one will complain Inshallah if that happens.


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